Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Whatnot and Devine Intervention

While sewing and admiring my new 3/4 finished
Whatnot garland...
Which I will add is a very important part of the tutorial
and you will find all the details HERE...
I realized that I needed a few more
doilies to add to the charm...
Call it what you may but I had a immediate need to
grab my purse
, jump in the car
and head straight to the op shop...

While wandering aimlessly around the shop
I thought that the pickings were very slim...
very slim indeed ,not a doily in sight...
and pondered the thought that I must have been wrong
and maybe I just needed to have a few minutes away
from my sewing to get perspective

or something like that...
As I reached the counter to pay for my very unexciting shirt find...
There it was!!!
Hiding behind the counter with a price tag on it...
I held my breath for a second and let out the ever so faintest...
"Is that for sale"
The lady took a look and said...
"I think it must be, it has a price tag on it...
I think it has been out the back for,
well as long as I can remember, it does seem strange that
suddenly they are getting rid of it"

My response...
"I'll take it"
I popped it in the car and ended that sentence with a

Loving The Vintage...


  1. Your garland is ever so lovely! Your op shop find is utterly amazing! and I just took a peek at your apron wrap from dottie angel, what a stunning picture you make in it.
    Have a grand day

  2. Wow! That sign was obviously just waiting for you to call - I love your garland and glad to see another doyley-lover! Funnily enough, I have been writing about them today.

    Pomona x

  3. That picture is so beautiful! I have just found your blog and enjoying looking around! Have a nice day! Twyla

  4. Hey what a great find, it does seem like it was waiting for you?! I love your garland too, so nice and personal, very inspiring!

  5. Oh my, I would have lost my breath too....

  6. Im loving the garland, and in my fav colour too.
    You found a real jem with that picture. Lucky you.

  7. score!!!
    What a bewdie!
    I love it when things like that happen.

  8. I love your garland, I really do! suzie. x


Thanks for "Loving The Vintage" as much as I do...