Sunday, July 25, 2010

first aid vintage

the agony of defeat
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When this delightful picture from
"Lola nova"
popped up in the flickr group
I could not resist posting it...

First aid vintage...
so cool!!!
It always amazes me
seeing the same company names
all over the world...
Johnson and Johnson...
I think of talcum powder...

The smell of talcum powder
reminds me of my grandma so much
She had a old fashioned powder puff
that was yellow...
and we would cover ourselves in powder after every bath
and it smelt so comforting and pretty...

When you think of Johnson and Johnson
what do you think of???


  1. Babies, just out of the bath......mmmmmmmm

  2. Johnsonn & Johnson baby shampoo and then baby powder!

  3. It's amazing that the same brand can take all of us back in time no matter where we live!
    When I got the kit, there were still old medicine bottles inside, smelling very much of camphor and reminding me of my mother rubbing that stuff on my chest when I was sick as a kid.


Thanks for "Loving The Vintage" as much as I do...