Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I adore vintage bubble caravans...
as you may remember I have made a set before but this time I have made them into very cute brooches...
I am still on the hunt for a bubble caravan of my own... and I think the hunting is just as much fun... I will leave you with a poem I wrote a while ago.... but it still evokes the same feeling for me when I sit and stitch these...

Keep Calm And Carry On

We've got our little caravan
My sweetie and me go hand in hand.

Keeping calm along the way
Singing to tunes throughout the day.

Carry on upward over and pass
We really don't mind if we are the last.

As we pull in and mark our spot
Cozy and comfy with this lot.

We gather around and nod our heads
Laughing and joking on what is said.

Summer, carnival, atmosphere
Times never change while we are here...

Loving The Vintage...


  1. Oh Michelle... I love them! They are a perfect image to go with your poem. You are very clever. Will they be pulling in and marking their spot in your Etsy store...???

  2. Gorgeous! I love your exquisitely neat blanket stitch around the edges.

  3. Cute as!! I did a little caravan post today and added a pic of your brooches x Liz

  4. These are so very cute. I too have a caravan addiction.

  5. HI Michelle,
    I love this new blog you have started. Your designs are brilliant! Will add this to my blog links now.


Thanks for "Loving The Vintage" as much as I do...