Saturday, September 19, 2009

Caravan Community

Is you Ecological Footprint so big it is
squashing your community???

Well here is a Challenge of the Utmost kind...
For the next 365 days...Hmmmmm that's long!!!
I will try really, really hard to
Only buy handmade,handcrafted, vintage, secondhand
or no longer wanted goods
for myself and my home...

Now I do have a few exclusions:
Underwear and socks...
Hair dye (I really don't want to be totally grey just yet)...
Gifts that are given to me...cause that's just plan rude...
And Crafting wool and sewing needles etc
as I am really sure no one will buy my crocheted crafted creations if they were made out of used wool and stuffing etc

Now if I fall of the wagon I will let you know
But as with life I will just get back on and try again...

Now if you a keen to follow just checkout dottie's blog
and play along too...

And in some small way it will hopefully shrink my carbon footprint
from a paddock to a backyard...

Loving The Vintage...


  1. I'm on board too!!!
    GOOD LUCK and have fun:)

  2. I'm with you too. So funny that the first thing I wrestled with was "my dignity in a box", i.e. hair color, and craft supplies. This will help to consider what we already have and can use up before running out to buy more though. Good luck!

  3. hurrah michelle!!!
    how fabulous... so happy to have you with us :)
    you are welcome to add the little button from my side bar if you wish...
    i have added you to my little 'challengers of the utmost kind' list... and just for the record i had a 'yarn' moment yesterday... eeeek!!! see how these things appear and you never really had to think about it before :)

  4. I'm with you, too! Love re-using what I can and also recycling all, yes ALL, of our garbage!
    Makes you feel really good inside!
    Yup, that "hair issue" is a tough one!
    Still wrestling with my ultimate decision!! LOL!
    Mary Ann in Denmark


Thanks for "Loving The Vintage" as much as I do...